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Puppet Ministry


The Redeemer Puppet Ministry is a program that uses fun and creative programs to teach children about the Bible, biblical stories, and Christian values.

A puppet show is presented to the combined Sunday school classes throughout the year.

Many of the shows follow the lesson of the day and are accompanied by singing of children's Sunday school songs.

Puppet shows are presented during the 9:30 Sunday school hour and are given on the stage in the Puppet Room.

The Ten Commandments of Puppet Care

1. Thou shalt not use they puppet as boxing glove,

2. Thou shalt not hold thy puppet by its nose, ear, eyelash, tongue or any other protusion that could come loose over time.

3. Thou shalt not allow thy puppet to touch the floor or any other potentially dirty surface.

4. Thou shalt not leave thy puppet in direct sunlight or in a hot car, as many can fade, warp and bend thereby.

5. Thou shalt not touch thy puppet with sticky or dirty hands, nuzzle they puppet while wearing makeup, or kiss thy puppet while wearing lipstick, lip gloss or other goo.

6. Thou shalt not use thy puppet's mouth to bite other puppets, pinch people, or to pick up thine items.

7. Thou shalt not store thy puppets in such a way that they could become wrinkled, crimped, squashed or bent.

8. Thou shalt keep thy puppet's hair combed and clothing pressed.

9. Thou shalt clean thy puppet only in the way prescribed of its fabric and decorative componenets.

10. Thou shalt put thy puppet in its proper place after use.

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