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Church Council

Current Officers and Board Directors


President         - Tammy Steinhart

Vice President - Jane Matterness

Vice President - Barb Senesenig

Treasurer         - Carl Hartman

Secretary         - Brane' Nichols

Board Directors

Publicity/Audio Visual                         -  David Clayton

Christian Education                             - Amy Ebersole

Evangelism                                           - Ellie Flickenger / Sue Miller

Property                                                - Betty Bauer

Youth Ministry                                      - Kristi Raugh

Worship & Music                                  - Ben & Megan Snell

Parish Fellowship                                - Deb Carello

Stewardship/Parish Administration - Alex Henry

Social Ministry                                     - Ron Snyder

Transportation                                     - Bill Powers

Mutual Ministry                                    - Ed Kost

Synod Assembly Voting Member       - Jeff / Barb Sensenig

Board Directors serve a 2 year term and can serve no more than 2 consecutive terms or a total of 4 years consecutively..

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